Work Groups

The InTBIR Working Groups collaborate on cross-study projects to advance the InTBIR mission. To learn about ongoing projects please see the InTBIR IdeaBoard (please be aware that you will need to register for a free Trello account before you can gain access).


Charge: The Biomarkers Work Group oversees standardization of protocols required for biomarkers and quality control metrics, and standardized analysis, as well as development of a catalog of samples. 
Chair: Ramon Diaz-Arrastia
Executive Committee Liaison: Elizabeth Theriault
Members:  Andras Buki, Stefania Mondello, Roberto Latini, Serge Masson, Cheryl Wellington, Jamie Hutchison, Ava Puccio, David Okonkwo, Kevin Wang, Diane Stephenson 

Data Analytics

Charge: The Data Analytics Work Group interests include CER questions and objectives, clinical endpoints, and analytical methods.
Co-Chairs:  Steve Wisniewski and Hester Lingsma 
Executive Committee Liaison: Mark Goldammer
Members:  Guido Bertolini, Ewout Steyerberg, Nancy Temkin, Joe Giacino, Keith Yeates, Anthony Vaccarino

Data Management

Charge: The Data Management Work Group provides guidance regarding data curation and quality, data sharing platforms, and data standards (e.g. CDEs, CDISCs, etc.). 
Co-Chairs:  Lindsay Wilson and Tony Fabio 
Executive Committee Liaisons: Mona Hicks and Alicia Crowder
Members: Ari Ercole, Anthony Vaccarino, Ferath Kherif, Jeff Grethe, Mary Vassar, Matt McAuliffe, Mike Jarrett, Pradeep George, Sirimon O'Charoen, Tania Khasanova


​Charge: The Neuroimaging Work Group coordinate among InTBIR members to define methods and standards for the sharing of raw and processed neuroimaging data. 
Co-Chairs:  Pratik Mukherjee and Stephen Strother 
Executive Committee Liaison: Patrick Bellgowan
Members:  Jan Verheyde, Elizabeth Theriault, Karen Barlow, Mark Daley, Ravi Menon, Bedda Rosario, Thijs Vande Vyvere, Luca Antiga, Bradley Goodyear, Christine MacDonald 


Charge: The Policies Work Group provides guidance on procedures and policies for data sharing and protection, informed consent management, publications, and other areas as needed. 
Co-Chairs:  Joanne Fleming and Isabelle Gagnon
Executive Committee Liaison: Stephane Hogan
Members: Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, Carolyn Emory, Nick Reed, Giuseppe Citerio, Laurie Silfies, Ferath Kherif