Work Groups

The InTBIR Working Groups collaborate on cross-study projects to advance the InTBIR mission. To learn about ongoing projects please see the InTBIR IdeaBoard (please be aware that you will need to register for a free Trello account before you can gain access).


Charge: The Biomarkers Work Group oversees standardization of protocols required for biomarkers and quality control metrics, and standardized analysis, as well as development of a catalog of samples. 
Co-Chairs: Stefania Mondello and Kevin Wang
Executive Committee Liaison: Elizabeth Theriault
Members:  Ramone Diaz-Arrastia, Andras Buki, Endre Czeiter, Jamie Hutchison, Roberto Latini, Serge Masson, David Okonkwo, Ava Puccio, Diane Stephenson, Cheryl Wellington  

Data Management & Analytics

Charge: The Data Analytics Work Group interests include CER questions and objectives, clinical endpoints, and analytical methods.
Co-Chairs:  Tony Fabio, Hester Lingsma and Lindsay Wilson, 
Executive Committee Liaisons: Mona Hicks and Nsini Umoh 
Members: Matt McAuliffe, Guido Bertolini, Jan Bjallie, Vibeke Brinck, Ari Ercole, Lou French, Pradeep George, Joe Giacino, Jeff Grethe, Mike Jarrett, Tania Khasanova, Ferath Kherif, Geoff Manley, Sirimon O'Charoen, Ewout Steyerberg, Nancy Temkin, Anthony Vaccarino, Mary Vassar, Keith Yeates, Steve Wisniewski    
DocumentsData Management & Analytics WG Progress Update (2016 to 2018)


​Charge: The Neuroimaging Work Group coordinate among InTBIR members to define methods and standards for the sharing of raw and processed neuroimaging data. 
Co-Chairs:  Pratik Mukherjee and Inga Korte  
Executive Committee Liaison: Patrick Bellgowan
Members: Luca Antiga, Karen Barlow, Mark Daley, Bradley Goodyear, Christine MacDonald, Ravi Menon, Bedda Rosario, Jan Verheyde, Thijs Vande Vyvere


Charge: The Policies Work Group provides guidance on procedures and policies for data sharing and protection, informed consent management, publications, and other areas as needed. 
Co-Chairs:  Joanne Fleming and Isabelle Gagnon
Executive Committee Liaisons: Stephane Hogan and Carol Taylor-Burds
Members: Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, Giuseppe Citerio, Carolyn Emery, Ferath Kherif, Nick Reed, Laurie Silfies
Documents: InTBIR Data Sharing Principles